Autumn in Golden Ears

I went out and spent a few days in Golden Ears Provincial Park a little while ago, and was blown away by the beauty. The fall colours were just starting to show and the air was perfectly crisp.

I spent the first day bombing around in the van, exploring the rivers, lakes, and trails.


The next day a couple of friends joined me to send Golden Ears Mountain. We started a little late, but made pretty good time and kept ourselves going with periodic Jolly Ranchers. I still almost can't believe that I live so close to such crazy mountains and so much wild land.

I was definitely feeling it by the time we made it to the summit, and was pretty thankful to be able to sit down, drink tea, and get out the stove for dinner.


After the sun had set, and we'd eaten some dinner. We ran around the summit for blue hour, in awe of the insane views around us. 

By the time we started heading down to our camp spot it was pretty close to dark, and we scrambled down with headlamps and settled in for a solid night of sleep. 

The next morning we were enveloped in fog and light drizzle, but I've never been one to complain about a nice rainy day, especially in the mountains. So many good times on this trip and incredible views. I definitely mean to be back soon!