I'm a filmmaker and photographer based out of Vancouver, BC. When I'm not editing photos and drinking coffee, I make it a point to be outside in creation, with friends if possible. My ideal weekend would involve either mountains or the ocean, a good book, meals cooked over a fire, a solid amount of rain, and the people that get me stoked on life.

I've spent most of my life with a camera in hand, capturing the stories and moments I see around me. I do what I do to capture emotions, to share moments, to make the little things last. I love the genuine laughter, quirky smiles, and shared glances that make people themselves.  

I'm all about the couples who want to laugh out loud, climb a mountain, get a bit messy, and capture the genuine love underneath. The little shared moments, and the real emotion. I want my films and photos to feel like journal entries, not cookie cutter productions that fit what your wedding ‘should’ look like.


photo by andrew combs

Don't be shy to send me an email! I'd love to get to know you, hear your story, and answer any questions you may have.

I'm based out of Vancouver, BC, but available for travel across the country and internationally. I'm always down to drive to the coast, climb a mountain, explore a waterfall, or take a flight to make sure that we capture truly special moments and tell your story in an authentic way. If you have an idea to go somewhere really wild, let's talk about it, I'm all for making that happen.